Who we are

Perky Parrots

Perky Parrots has been in the mind of Maree for a number of years. In July 2012 Perky Parrots was born as an online shop for bird supplies, based out of Invercargill.

It has been a slow process building up our suppliers and product range. We thank our initial suppliers in having the courage to support us through our start-up period.
Most of the products are what we use for our own pets, so we won't recommend anything that we wouldn't or probably haven't used ourselves.

After we have brought the Lignite Pit Cafe we have closed Oamaru Shop and have moved our stock to our cafe, about 22km east of Invercargill on the Southern Scenic Route.

We have a number of aviaries dotted around the garden, with Mr E has pride of place over looking the carpark, along with a few new friends.

Maree Fraser

Maree and Mr E

Animals have always been a big part of Maree's life. Maree has kept all sorts of animals from goldfish to horses.

Education wise Maree has a BSC in Zoology, a Masters in Marine Science, PGDipScsi in Environmental Science, as well as a National Certificate in Animal Care. But the highlight was the Certificate in Animal Management in Captive Wild Animals because she got to do work experience with a whole range of zoo animals from meercats to rhinos.

Maree has had a number of jobs including guiding at the Dunedin Penguin Colony while driving a bus around Europe in the off season, as a guide and supervisor at the Te Anau Glow Worm Caves, a wildlife keeper at the Kiwi and Birdlife Park in Queenstown, and running the Butterfly and Bird Haven in Palmerston.

Now Maree looks after an Aviary in the Invercargill area.

Mr E

Mr E is Maree's Eclectus Parrot. He was one of the display birds when Maree had the Bird Haven in Palmerston, and she couldn't bear to part with him when she had to close the business.

When Maree moved to Invercargill she found out that Mr E was hatched in Invercargill, and is now over 30 years old.

Mr E has been known to be quite talkative, when it suits him, and can mimic peoples voices, from ladies to a deep English mans voice.

Now days Mr E is the logo and face for Perky Parrots.